ExpressNet - Supplier of Machine Tools, Power Tools and 3D Printers. Be sure to get your optimum value for money at our machinery warehouse.

Welcome to ExpressNet

If you make things, chances are the tools and machines we offer will make life easier. Our core range includes:

  • Lathes (CNC and Manual).
  • Mills (CNC and Manual).
  • Lathe-Mill Combos.
  • Drill Presses.
  • Grinders.
  • 3D Printers.
  • Consumables.
  • Accessories.
  • Spare Parts.

...along with all the accessories and consumables you will need.

Keeping Prices down

ExpressNet has 20+ years experience in selling products at the best prices. To do that we keep our overheads at a minimum.

Here are some of the expenses we don't have:

  • Mobile Account Managers. We save on vehicles, flights, accomodation etc.
  • Huge advertising campaigns.
  • Extensive showrooms and/or multiple branches.

Because we don't have these expenses, we don't need to pass the costs on!

Need to view before you buy?

While we don't have a retail store or showroom, you are welcome to visit our warehouse in Onehunga, Auckland.

We'll happily open packing cases and show you products until all your questions are answered.

Making an appointment is essential. We will open at any reasonable hour for you, including weekends and evenings. To make an appointment, please make contact with us via this site.